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All Best Rentals properties are non-smoking!!! No exceptions!!! Prospective tenants must drive by and view outside of rental unit before making an appointment to see the inside of any of the properties! If property is not available now, please respect the tenants by not looking in their windows.

Best Rentals Application Policies

Any and all persons who are eighteen years of age or older that would be residing in any of the above rentals offered by BEST RENTALS or any other properties managed by BEST RENTALS must submit a fully completed and signed BEST RENTALS' application form along with a $20.00 per application non-refundable application fee. (Incomplete applications or applications without fees will cause delays). The application fee covers BEST RENTALS cost for credit checks as well as costs for phone calls and labor cost to verify all information on the applications. BEST RENTALS is unable to accept credit reports from outside sources. All successful applications are selected based on the following criteria:

1)GOOD CREDIT; Applicants should have a minimum of two years of good credit history. BEST RENTALS does realize that at times events that are beyond one's control can happen (i.e. divorce, medical emergencies, etc.) and can sometimes unfairly affect one's otherwise good credit history, and with proper explanation and verification of these circumstances those applications may still be considered, but applicants with a history of just not paying their bills will not be accepted.

2) GOOD RENTAL HISTORY; Applicants must have a minimum of two years of good to excellant rental references from previous landlord(s). References from multiple landlords are encouraged whenever available. If an applicant has less than two years of rental reference(s) then at least two previous landlords must be provided. Please note that rental references from parents, relatives, and friends will not be considered. Only references from verified property owners or property managers will be considered. Applicants who are previous homeowners may substitute two years of on time mortgage payments for this requirement.

3) VERIFIABLE INCOME; Applicants must have a verifiable minimum monthly income of at least three times the monthly rent amount. (i.e. To qualify for a $500 a month property one would need $1500 verifiable monthly income). If a written release is needed by BEST RENTALS for employer verification then applicant should submit said release to avoid delays. If applicant is self-employed then applicant will need to supply tax return(s) for previous years(s).

Any application containing false or misleading information will not be considered. Application fees are non-refundable (for any reason). Also, unfortunately BEST RENTALS no longer accepts co-signers.

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